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Aelin Laer
Artist | Traditional Art
I work as painter and silversmith ;
You can contact me at:



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CV :

" Aelin Laer represents Celtic,
Druid and Elvish inspired Art of painter, Mia Šerić.
"Born January 20, 1990 in Split, Croatia,
she graduated from the School of Fine Arts,
Department of Painting in 2009.
In 2011.she finished traditional silversmithing course
in Atelier Lumezi, taught by artist Lazer Lumezi .
Her great imagination, love for reading and
celtic mythology have always been the main sources
for creating her imaginative parallel worlds and
the magical atmosphere transferred on canvas
and silver jewelry. All her artwork is connected with
programmed crystals, semi-precious and precious stones,
which are embedded in every piece of jewelry and attached
inside frames of paintings.
Her inspiration comes from the mystery and
changes in nature, hidden forms and details of the mysterious,
visible and invisible realms ,
from her path of Druidry, Celtic myths, mystery,
folklore and magic.

Besides her art progress she also studies
practices and has finished master degree in Druidry,
Crystal therapy ,Reiki, Karuna and Excalibur Healing.
She is active member of three Druid Orders :
"Druid Order Of Twilight" , "Reformed Druids of Gaia"
and "Ár nDraíocht Féin " "

For more full Bio check out :
About the artist on official website :…

In my own words :

I am a painter, a silversmith, vegetarian, practitioner of old ways,
tree-hugger, tea-addict, lover of crystals and stone lore,
nature addict, I simply adore forests, deeply in love with trees ,
I meditate at least 3 hours per day, I love reading and books.
I`m crystal therapist and have crystals and stones
everywhere, on and around me, I use them in my artwork,
meditation, ritual practice and in daily life.
My working and living space is full of
crystals and stones.

Some of my favorite stones are : Beryls - Emerald precisely,
Moldavite, Aquamarine, Celestite, Amethyst,
Aqua aura, Fluorite and of course, Quartz stone.

I love water, rivers and streams , rain and cloudy days,
I am allergic to sunlight
( Photosensitivity and Photosensitivity dermatitis ) ,
so I`m mostly hiding in shades of trees :)

favorite animals : BUTTERFLY, WHITE STAG and CAT .
These are animals which " follow " me from my childhood.
(My garden is full of butterflies, they are great inspiration.
I often watch them emerging from the chrysalis...wonderful.
Few of them even emerged in my chambers .
White stags were always great inspiration for me
and I`m always drawn to them somehow ,
so majestic, so magical.I often see them in my dreams.
I just love cats. I have cats all my life.
Kyra is my biggest love <3)

Celtic tree horoscope : Birch ,
Celtic animal horoscope : White stag

Favorite symbol : Ivy leaf, star and triskele .
from my early days I spent so much time in my garden ,
which is full of Ivy, and my interior is always full of Ivy lianas ,
I really love it`s evergreen deep color, resistance and shape.
I often draw and sketch Ivy leaves in my notebooks :)
star : seven pointed star,
precisely, but I love all kinds of stars and starry shapes.
triskele is the symbol I often dreamed about and it often
appears in my meditations...we also use it for opening
and closing the gates, as a spiral sign, when we work
with Mannanan as gatekeeper in our Adf practice.
It represents sacred number three, reincarnation, sacred hallows ,
continuous movement of the universe within eternity and
traveling inside ourselves. I often use it in my meditations for
increasing energy and mental strength .

Favorite color : white and forest green.
Most of my wearing clothes are in white and forest green.
I also love that Lothloren etheral blue .
My meditative space and bedroom are always in etheral blue
and my silversmithing space and painting atelier are in green shades :)

Favorite tree : Birch

Favorite herb : Mint. I love to grow it in small pots in my room.
It has most amazing smell, and is truly wonderful herb to grow
and have inside and outside your house.

Favorite plant : Ivy

religious views : Celtic druidism

Favorite artist : Nature.....................................
Edward Robert Huges, John William Waterhouse, Alan Lee,
Brian Froud, John Howe, Claude Monet, Renoir

Favorite writers : J.R.R.Tolkien............................................................................................................................................................................................................. William Butler Yeats , Charles Squire , Isabella Augusta (Lady Gregory),
Clive Staples Lewis , James Matthew Barrie

Favorite book : Silmarillion , The Lord of The Rings ,
Hobbit , Celtic Heritage , Celtic Myth and Legend ,
Ancient Irish Tales, Fairies, Complete Irish Mythology...

I love all Forest fruit :
strawberries,raspberries, blackberries, black currant,
red currant..but ESPECIALLY wild forest strawberries <3
and HONEY...and NUTS. I can literally live on honey,
nuts and forest strawberries and tea.
I am a honey-addict.
I also love Sprouts ! love sprouting them and I eat them every single day !
I Like raw food , salads , chinese and japanese food
(without meat ofc) ,
I˙m very fond of spices of all kind !

Favorite drink : TEA !
and when saying Tea, I`m saying real tea :
Camellia sinensis .
(white ( Dragon Heart especially )and green teas are my top selections.
I also love elderberry home-made syrup.

Favorite music genre : Celtic/Irish/pagan , classical music ,
folk/celtic/pagan metal music

Favorite musicians / bands : Enya, Áine Minogue, John Doan,
Claude Debussy, Howard Shore, Eluveitie, Blackmore`s Night,
Tolkien Ensemble...

Favorite Movies : The Lord of The Rings, Hobbit........................................................
Mists of Avalon, Lady in the water, Merlin...
Secret of Kells , Říkání o víle Amálce , Song of The Sea , Brave...

History, Art, culture, religion and mysticism documentaries..
I also love artistic chinese and asian movies, like Memoirs of a Geisha

Favorite Tv Shows : Vikings and Outlander.

Tools of the Trade : Acrylic paint, oil paint and brushes,
silver,silver bench, pencils .

Other interests : nature, forests, painting, drawing,
comparative religion and mythology, celtic art, art nouveau,
preraphaelites, impressionism,
silversmithing, Druidry, healthy living, crystaltheraphy,
Celtic history and languages, books, occult, aromatheraphy,
tea and tea-ceremony, nature, forests, Fairy and Elvish lore,
Celtic legends, wind instruments , meditation and alternative healing,
planting trees, sprouting and sprouts :)..raw food,
Looove essential oils, and mixing my own organic cosmetics.
and essential oil lamps.
I`m really fond of quartz crystal and himalayan salt lamps,
I have them all around my room, along with crystals..

I have been in Ireland, my first Druidry teacher is from Ireland and it is the most beautiful country I can imagine. I`m looking forward to going back soon.

I don`t own or wear pants. I hate pants.
Tights are not pants, they can pass under some forest dress.

In free time I play wind instruments ( irish whistles , flute and panpipes )
and sing in our Celtic ensemble "Imgellad " , you can check us out here :

and of course, I love DeviantArt :)
"Choose the willow of the streams,
Choose the hazel of the rocks,
Choose the alder of the marshes,
Choose the birch of the waterfalls.
Choose the ash of the shade,
Choose the yew of resilience,
Choose the elm of the brae,
Choose the oak of the sun."

                         ( Carmina Gadelica)

The Celtic landscape was far more heavily forested than most parts of our own, and Celtic culture was saturated with tree lore.
The first Celtic alphabet was Ogham, in which each letter was associated with a tree.The wood from each tree was accorded a practical,medicinal and symbolic value.Trees were teachers, healers, guides and enabled communication with subtle realms.They are still here today, and they are offering us these same gifts, we just have to listen.
Trees are living, changing entities  in the Green World , and so, too, is the magic associated with them and we can all communicate and connect with them, and learn so much in that process. Deep communication and dialogue with the trees and our true Self allows us to benefit from the wisdom and instruction they can give us.
We should all experience season`s changes in nature to understand ourselves and our place in the Greenworld.

Times have changed but trees are still here, although deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area.Forests are cut down for many reasons, but most of them are related to money, agriculture or to people’s need to provide for their families.Some is caused by a combination of human and natural factors like wildfires and subsequent overgrazing, which may prevent the growth of young trees.Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions of species. Seventy percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes.Deforestation also drives climate change. Forest soils are moist, but without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out. Trees also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere. Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands can quickly become barren deserts.Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s rays during the day and holds in heat at night. This disruption leads to more extreme temperatures swings that can be harmful to plants and animals.Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming. Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere—and increased speed and severity of global warming.The quickest solution to deforestation would be to simply stop cutting down trees.

Forests and trees are essential part of my life, inspiration, artwork, health and happiness.
they are offering me oxygen and freshnes of air, shade from sunlight which hurts me, charcoal,paper and pigments for my artwork, leaves, fruits and flowers for healing teas and natural herbal medicines when I need them, hazelnuts, berries, apples and almonds which I eat every day...and they offer me wisdom, contemplation, healing, shelter, comfort and pure beauty for all my senses.

Do you know what they offer to you ? have you ever thought about it ?

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  • Listening to: John Doann
  • Reading: Encyclopedia of Celtic symbolism
  • Eating: hazelnuts
  • Drinking: white tea with birch leaves



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